Redux on Web Components using lit-element and no compilation (ESM)

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Redux is independent of React and babel. They are not required to build an app.

Quickly build an app, cut down all compitation time and publish it directly.

Folder Structure

  ├─ js/
  │  ├─ app-state/
  │  │  ├─ actions.js
  │  │  ├─ reducer.js
  │  │  ├─ store.js
  │  ├─ components/
  │  │  ├─ todo-view.js


Install serve

sudo npm install -g serve

Just run serve on folder wherever you have placed your index.html


You are all set to build your application without compilation. This approach is for people who know how to write HTML and CSS. The 3KB chota CSS delivers all essential UI on HTML to build an app. People dependent of UI frameworks need to understand RWD using HTML and CSS.

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