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Sunday, June 3, 2018

I feel proud for being the one of the earliest user of Visual Studio Code (VSCode) at the time of its release. It has spread across all forms of developers in no time.

Back then in early 2011, I use to code majorly in notepad++. Its a quite fascinating tool and still have exciting way to highlight and organised the code with its several plugins and features. However, I still only consider it just an tool rather than a comprehensive platform for a front end developer to code. Back then, SVN was used and most of the maintenance were relied on FTP development. Front code didn't go into any rigorous compilation techniques and the stuff was pretty straight forward. Therefore, notepad++ in those day did the trick. But now Front End works on new paradigm shift.

I was very reluctant on the use of Adobe Dreamweaver and Visual Studio Express Web Developer edition as they were heavy software for storage and didn't provide any superior techniques to code an elegant HTML structure. Moreover, my logical mind thought, why do I need to use a software with 300-500 MB sized program to generate a HTML file of 10-15 KB. Doesn't make sense.

Once I moved into professional sectors of coder when LESS/SCSS, Jade and small JavaScript Frameworks were experimented, I discovered that developers adored sublime text editor. I gave up my notepad++ and adopted sublime for a while and I felt it to be organised. However the setup for plugin installation was absurd and I just didn't fancy the color selection of the highlight syntax in sublime but when I heard about the Microsoft version of code editor via twitter, I was all in for it and was ready to move on.

What made me change over to VSCode and why I was so excited for it?

Visual Studio has a long history of their code editors with their own technology and as per my personal experience on development of C# program, the code probing and syntax formatting techniques are far superior than any text editor I have seen in my life. Such advancement have made my C# development 10 times faster. Therefore, after hearing that Microsoft will be launching a small and light code editor for masses, I couldn't wait to get a hand on on it. The initial release that I began with was 0.10.11. It wasn't much at that time but I felt way better using it rather sublime so I stick to it.

In 2 years span of its birth, I have seen it do wonderful miracles for me and for most of the developers. It does the git management the way I like it. It allows to debug the JavaScript code in editor which was considered a myth in early days. Most surprising thing of it is that it bends the way developer likes it without giving in to their simplistic design implementation of program. Menu bar in early days were filled with 10 to 15 items making it difficult to know the location for the desired setting. VSCode operates on only major items for menu option
  • File Manager
  • Search
  • Debug
  • Repo Maintainence 
  • MarketPlace
Such simplicity has led me to love VSCode. Just concentrate on the basic, on what you are working and leave the rest advanced options in less bulky menu bar. Even the approach to configuration is simplistic. No menu dialog with several tabs, checkboxes, inputs and dropdowns. You have a simple JSON object that can be overwritten by custom user JSON Object. If your config get too messy, just remove your custom settings and everything becomes normal.

I want to give a big shout out and thanks to Microsoft team member for designing such a beautiful and universally appreciable code editor. In regards to Microsoft history, they have always been a closed dedicated network that only have been concerned about their own proprietary technology dominance. I have been a Microsoft Certified Professional and I have always felt their reluctance in appreciating other technology sources into their ecosystem. But vscode has changed things for good. I don't know what goes on in their offices but their executives have made an excellent decisions in selection a vscode team whose efforts have influence their standard reluctant motos to change to a open one that welcome the modification in their technology based on third party changes.

VSCode has been the rated the most popular editor in Stack Overflow 2018 Survey and wish success for the booming years of AI and Machine Learning.

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