Switching from Notepad++ FTP to Visual Studio Code FTP

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Notepad++ is good but Visual Studio is better in suggesting code and organizing it. I mostly code PHP and never used Visual Web Developer. However, I have used Visual C# to develop Performance Maintainer and I was impressed by it. Now, Microsoft has VS Code to support all forms of coding. Late bloomer yet powerful enough to  keep up with current trend. Speaking of trend how did VS Code got username 'code' on twitter . Did no one register such simple username? Anyways, I always use ftp to maintain my websites. So, here is a tutorial to install VS Code and setup FTP connection in VS Code.

  1. Download VS Code from code.visualstudio.com and install it
  2. Create folder Code/Projects/projectfolder in My Document of OneDrive. (optional)
  3. Open VS Code and open your projectfolder
  4. Press F1 and type
    >ext install 
    This will take a while
  5. Select ftp-sync extension to install.
  6. Once installed restart VS Code.
  7. Press F1 and type
    This will open a file. Fill in your ftp credential in json file. Also Change uploadOnSave to true and save it
  8. Press F1 and Type
     >Ftp-sync: Download remote directory 
    . This will download remote directory. Alert: Take a nap while its downloading because it take a hell lot of time.
  9. To manually sync type
    >Ftp-sync: Sync Local to Remote
Every time you save your file, the respective file will be uploaded on server. For complete detail on ftp-sync please visit: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items/lukasz-wronski.ftp-sync


  • Credential saved within project
  • Updated copy is saved locally on OneDrive
  • Easy to migrate and manage your working copy (OneDrive)


  • Big projects will take time to download
Thats it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions..


Unknown said...


i want to ask is there manually upload the file, like press combination keys and then upload the file.

Anonymous said...

I also want to ask is there manually upload the file, like press combination keys and then upload the file. I like FTP-plugin on Notepad++

clod said...

My favorite IDE that supports FTP is CodeLobster IDE