Man of Steel Concept of fast evolution of Kal-El to Superman

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Omg Omg I am really amazed with the kind of concept they have implemented to justify the existence of superman abilities. When he came to earth he didn't had all his powers. He developed his powers on earth by evolution mechanism enhanced by millions of kryptonian genomes within his cells. I am a student of biology so I understand DNA stuff better than others. So here is what I think.

Superman Powers Distribution

Human DNA is has just 5% coding region in present evolution. So as kryptonians are more evolved they might have very less percentage of coding DNA. Now the codex was inserted in Kal-El DNA by Jor-El in such pattern which have specifically targeted the cells of body as per function. For Example DNA of Kryptonian organisms with greater strength were embedded in Kal-El muscles. Organism with great senses were inserted accordingly. Eagle type creatures eye's DNA was placed in Kal-El's eyes. Similarly Bloodhound type creatures olfactory cells DNA in Kal-El nose and so on. In this way his powers were distributed. In this way he has various sort of powers.

Fast Evolution in Kal-El/Superman

Now million of race and species were in Kal-El DNA.  Now different kind of organisms have different rate of evolution over specific body region. Specific targeting of thousands of Organism DNA in specific cells made evolution for new powers very quick. And It is known that most evolved allele become most dominant. Lets take the example of ourself. We human became highly evolved in shorter time span than other organism and therefore we are now the most dominant species on earth. So dominant DNA or allele precedes over other alleles. Same logic implement for millions of organism DNA evolving in Kal-El cells. whichever organism has most evolved  metabolism (in short timespan) in Kal-El body takes the dominant form and becomes his powers. And the process which takes million of years for evolution in single organism containing single templates of gene, same process of evolution is complete within 33 years in superman's body by selectively using million of best templates of DNA for evolution. This is the reason Jor-El tells Kal-El  "KEEP TESTING YOUR LIMITS" because Jor-El knew he had  millions of organism DNA specific targeted to make him evolve and ACCOMPLISH WONDERS.

Evolution of Morals

Mental evolution works the same way as physical. And Clark having parents like Jonathan and Martha, he was destined to do what was right.

On Contrary I didn't get Zod's evolution. however Zod's death explained his limit of evolution which in case of superman's evolutionary process was limitless

This is what I think about the Sci-fi of Movie. Hats off to Sir Nolan and Sir Goyer if this is their underlying concept of evolution of SUPERMAN

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